FJ-8000 Space Smart Chair with AI-3D and larger LED screen, Heating & Zero Gravity

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DR.BOSS masage chair

This new version Massage Chair with a larger LED screen remote control and AI function, 3D mechanism
The FJ-8000 massage chair offers a unique experience for the customer that is seeking to advance their massage experience. Enjoy the customizability and form-fitting functions of the FJ-8000 massage chair while feeling as if you’re floating on clouds.

The FJ-8000 offers 6 automatic modes that suit the different needs of each user. Furthermore, this model offers a head massage using the crown part that is equipped with air bags that apply slight pressure to the temple area. Like most of our best-selling massage chairs, the FJ-8000 has a “heating” option that increases blood circulation.

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1. 114pcs Airbag Support
2. Bluetooth Surround System
3. S-L back track
4. Body Scan Technology
5. Zero-Gravity

Key Features


114 pcs Airbag Support 114 airbags located throughout the armchair provides a sense of profound comfort as if one is floating up high in the clouds. These airbags are capable of offering a full-body compression massage with adjustable intensity and localized on/off switches for each body area. Heating pads are also located within the back, seat, and calf area as it assists the users in keeping warm and relieving fatigue.
Bluetooth Surround System Ingrained into both sides of the massage chair near the head are 2 Bluetooth speakers that you can use to play your favorite tunes. Connecting and setting us is easy – just download the supported app and you’re ready to go!
S-L Back Track The FJ-8000 comes with a 130CM S-L back track that allows the back roller mechanism to move from the head to buttocks, which expands the core, massage area greatly. The curve is ergonomically designed, making the neck and waist massages more powerful than ever.
Body Scan Technology Together, the back and leg areas feature sensors that could detect a user’s height and adjust the positioning of equipment accordingly.
Zero-Gravity As with our other models, the FJ-8000 features the Zero-Gravity, a position that is shown to tilt the chair into a 90 degrees reclined position, almost as if you’re an astronaut about to blast off into space. This position is shown to greatly relieve the body of stress and allows for a deeper, more intense massage experience.
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