Dr. Fuji® DMS MINI S6

Dr. Fuji® DMS MINI S6 Deep Muscle Massager

Special Price $1,299.00 Regular Price $1,999.72

Timing: 10 min smart timing times
Maximum frequency: ≦60HZ
Amplitude: 10mm
Charging Time: 2.5-3h
Battery Life: ≥3h
Differet Massage Head: Various Ti alloy massage head available

Electric Motor: Professional custom super torque motor
Weight: about 1.6kg
Internal power supply: 22.2V /2500mAh, real-time power
Main Material: Zinc alloy, ABS, silica gel
Noise Level: ≤55dB
Speed: (the number of strokes per minute) 5 adjustable speed + LED indicator light 1st, 2100 turn 2nd, 2400 turn 3rd, 2700 turn 4th, 3000 turn 5th, 3300 turn

DMS PRO6 is a cordless new generation device on the athletic fitness wellness products.

The DrFuji Deep Muscle Stimulator (DRFUJI DMS) uses percussion, mechanical vibrations that reach deep into the muscle tissues to stimulate proprioceptive functions.

Much of muscle pain stems from various conditions strain, lactic acid build up, scar tissue etc. no other device on the market matches the effectiveness of DRFUJL DMS PRO6.

Dr Fuji dMs Pro6 also aids recovery from sold tissues injuries such as sprains and strains by accelerating efficient circulation in the injured areas and appropriate stimulation of the healing tissues.

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Five years warranty (one year free).

Modern medicine thinks, the skin contains the sebaceous glands, sweat glands and hair follicles, rich in blood vessels and peripheral nerves, such as massage force factors acting on the body surface of physical stimulation, in effect the cause of biophysical and biochemical changes, deep by the skin directly or indirectly to the muscles and fascia, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic tissue penetration, through the regulation of neural and humoral, produce a series of pathophysiological changes, which makes the body function recovery and improve. Fitness/relaxation massage can make you better function mechanism.

Break up of muscular scar tissue
Increased lymphatic flow
Faster rehabilitation from injury
Reduced pain
Increased circulation
The direct mechanical effect of rhythmical pressure and movement used in DMS can dramatically increase the rate of blood flow. The stimulation of nerve receptors causes the blood vessels to dilate, which also facilitates blood flow.

The DMS can be used in effective management of acute and chronic pain, not exclusive to, but including: migraine headaches, sciatica, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, edema, myofacial pain and frozen joints. The Deep Muscle Stimulator is known to increase the circulation of blood and flow of lymph.

The DMS concentrates on general or local muscle spasms. It increases muscle metabolism and increases the lactic acid cycle to relieve pain. Deep, rapid, short-duration percussion is the key to the elimination of pain.

Drfuji Deep Muscle Stimulator Massager Pro6

Timing: 10 min smart timing times

Maximum frequency: ≦60HZ

Amplitude: 10mm

Differet Massage Head: Various Ti alloy massage head available

Electric Motor: Professional custom super torque motor

Weight: about 1.6kg

Internal power supply: 22.2V /2500mAh, real-time power

Speed (the number of strokes per minute)
5 adjustable speed + LED indicator light
1st, 2100 turn 2nd, 2400 turn 3rd, 2700 turn
4th, 3000 turn 5th, 3300 turn

Components from Germany

Massage reinvented
Meet the future of effortless whole-body care. Portable Deep Muscle Massage Percussive Therapy is a device for deep muscle and fascia relaxation. Help quickly relieves tension, tightness, and soreness. Our devices use a physician-calibrated combination of frequency and amplitude to ensure the deepest level of muscle
penetration for maximum results. Whether you experience everyday back pain, need your workouts to work even harder, or want relaxation daily, using a DR FUJI PRO 6 is a special kind of magic for your body It’s designed to help you move better, heal faster, and enhance your performance and recovery in minutes. It is
suitable for physical massage after exercise. It can reduce muscle stiffness and pain, alleviate muscle fatigue and accelerate blood circulation to achieve the purpose of improving the health of body soft tissue.

About us
DR FUJI aim is to foster the physical well-being of our customers and to introduce quality products that will benefit each and every single customer’s health. We also strive to help our elite professionals in all industries, such as health care, sports, and technology, so that they may elevate their patient/employee
care and practices to a higher level.

Powered by breakthrough science technology, and over a decade of pioneering research and development, we make the world’s most advanced percussive therapy devices to effectively relieve pain accelerate recovery, and improve performance.

Customer Reviews:

I have used many instruments of this type over the years so I think I am qualified to write a review for the DMS. Since this is pretty pricey, I think a casual user wouldn’t be buying this type of machine. First, a few features about the machine. There is only one setting, on and off. Speed can’t be adjusted. The piston travels about half an inch at a high speed. It is quite heavy but easy to hold or maneuver. Cable is a bit flimsy but designed to be easily replaced if needed. It basically pummels muscle spasms and trigger points into a mush. You can’t use this over any bony area. Forget about using it over the neck, it is way too strong. However, if you have a big muscle that has deep spasm in it, this will take care of it. Tight trapezius, rhomboid, lumbar musculature, gluts, thighs, calves, forearm muscles are easily treated. Spasm that would not release with massage, Graston, ultrasound, or EMS, this will most likely get rid of. It is the massage machine equivalent of 10,000 horsepower dragster. It’s meant for one thing and other machines can’t even compare. The most comparable machine to this, the Vibracussor, is far more versatile with its multiple attachments and multiple power settings. But I’d say the DMS overpowers the Vibracussor by about 5 times. Vibracussor does vibrate faster on higher settings. I have both now. I find myself using the Vibracussor for petite patients and bony areas, and DMS for the big and stubborn stuff. If you are a chiropractor, physical therapist, body worker, athletic trainer, or such who runs into big deep muscle spasm all the time, this machine will serve you well. Patients can’t believe a machine can be so strong. I recommend it highly.

Fantasic. Incredible. I am neither a MT nor a PT, not even a medical professional. I am a former bodybuilder with a host of muscular/soft tissue injuries that I accrued over years of hard training. When I was living in Los Angeles, my MT had one of these. Like most clients who have experienced the DMS, I demanded it for each session haha. When I moved to Seattle and no longer had that MT to go to, I found out just how much I loved and missed the DMS. I finally pulled the trigger a couple of months ago and now have my own. I can successfully relieve hypertonicity on my own now for most bodyparts and no longer need to visit a MT, unless I need to get my back worked (because it is difficult to reach on my own). The increases in flexibility, muscular function, and pain relief are really not things I can put a price on. I still train 3 times a week and now study Kung Fu, so my body is consistently strained/stressed. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it. Actually I do- I would be paying for sub-par massages that rarely fix my issues. I am able to successfully treat fascial tears and the tightening of tissues around them in minutes. I use it every other day on my arms, legs, pecs, delts, calves, traps… and I am healthier as a result. If you have the $$$, you will not be wasting a single penny by investing in one of these. I want to be buried with it.

The DMS is so impressive. I have chronic aches and pains in my back from sitting and typing all day at work. At one point I got physical therapy for it and the doc used the DMS. It worked fantastic and that was just one day a week. Over time and bad posture the aches came back so I decided to do pt myself and get a DMS. It was an excellent decision as I can now manage myself and dont have to stuck seeing a professional more than id like to.

This is an expensive professional device. It works well for the intended purpose. Simply said, it is a well built product and will likely last forever.

This is a really good machine and a very big help for my muscles

The best machine made phenomenal

I purchased this for my athletes (D1, ACC). They absolutely love it! They like this option versus foam rolling, etc. It’s become a regular treatment in my practice. Generates good blood flow to the area. I also think it mostly provides a sensory overload to alleviate pain, soreness, and tightness temporarily (similar to electrical stimulation). Best results if stretching is performed after. As you use it more you can hear changes in vibrations when treating affected areas, kind of cool to have the feedback. Down side: one speed (which can be too strong for some), needs an oil change once at month to keep it running well, also the power cord comes in 3 pieces which gets kind of awkward.

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