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FJ-8300 Cyber-Relax Massage Chair FUJIIRYOKI ®

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The Dr. Fuji FJ-8300 offers 6 different massage functions that give you the best experience as if you're having a massage in your own personal home. A specially designed S+L curve and foot extensions make this massage chair capable of delivering an extensively, customizable experiences.


- 6 Massage Functions

- Electric Leg Extensions

- Super Long S+L Curve

- 2nd Gen Intelligent Machine

- Three Rollers on Foot

Key Features

6 Massage Functions

Experience the ultimate in-home massage experience as our massage chair is capable of delivering massages using functions like: Deep Shiatsu, Rhythmic Tapping, Kneading, Knocking, Tapping, and 3D Shiatsu. It feels as if a real masseur is giving you a massage!

Electric Leg Extensions

People come in different shapes and sizes so we built a machine that fits everyone! The FJ-8300 features an adjustable footrest which allows the user to adjust the amount of leeway they would like to have for their feet. The foot is adjustable up to 16CM and the calf up to 9CM.

Super Long S+L Curve

The Dr. Fuji FJ-8300 comes with a special S+L curve that is designed to embody full human body starting from the head, all the way down to the toes.

2nd Gen Intelligent Machine

The main roller behind the success of the FJ-8300 massage chair now features a new multi-layered chip that’s much faster and stable compared with previous models. It’s roller has also undergone changes as the width of the massage heads have changed from 6CM to 20CM. To deliver the most comfortable experience, our roller has been designed to automatically extend up to 8CM forward, which drives deep into the muscles of the individual.

Three Rollers on Foot

You came back from an exhausting day at work or a long hike up the mountain and your feet are sore. The FJ-8300 features a roller that can massage three different areas of the feet. This chair features three separate rollers that is capable of massaging each individual toe, the arch of the foot, and the heel, thereby immediately relieving any muscular tension and soreness.




From CNN, to Dr. Oz, to Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport to Dr. Brent Bauer at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, every day more and more doctors are seeing the benefits that massage therapy can provide for their patients. But because of the high cost of massage therapy and the high number of sessions needed, getting massage therapy on a daily basis proves to be too expensive for most people's budgets.That's what we want to bring to customers to making Medical massage chair. Morningstar is a revolution in massage therapy technology. It is the first chair medically engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body and help you fall asleep.

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