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FJ-8400 The King of Medical Massage Chair (Up to 60% Off, limited time offer, call 510-651-9088)

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The Dr. Fuji FJ-8400 is the King of Modern Medical Massage chairs as its one of our best-selling and hottest models. It features 8 different automatic programs, built with comfort in mind. Its compact shape makes it easy to fit within any location in one's home.


- 8 Auto massage programs

- L-track massage

- Automatic Detection System

- Zero Gravity Sleep system

- Infrared Heat Therapy & Dynamic Squeeze

Key Features

8 Auto-massage programs

Included with the massage chair is a remote control that features 8 pre-set automatic functions, each that uses a combination of different massage techniques that help release tension in different areas of the body. Some of these programs include: Full Body, Stress Relief, Back Relief, and many more!

L-Track massage

Rollers in the massage chair are able to provide deep comfort as its capable of moving from the base of the neck, down to your glutes/buttocks.

Automatic Detection System

The FJ-8400 features an automatic detection system that is able to scan and take precise measurements of an individual’s body. The system then identifies specific pressure points to deliver the best, customized massage experiences an individual can ask for.

Zero-Gravity Sleep

Ever wished to be able to simply fall asleep in your chair? The FJ-8400’s Zero-Gravity feature got you covered! This massage chair comes with the special ability to recline nearly 90 degrees for the most, optimal sleep position.

Infrared Heat Therapy & Dynamic Squeeze

The massage chair comes with a lower back heating system as who likes to sit in a cold massage chair? Plus, research has shown that heating the lower back has helped relieve muscle tension and greatly boosts blood circulation.

Hidden in the armrest as well as other locations within the chair is a total of 42 air bags that inflate/deflate to create the ultimate massage chair experience that improves circulation in virtually, every aspect of your body. The pressure intensity is user-adjustable and you can choose to focus on a particular area or combination of various body parts.



From CNN, to Dr. Oz, to Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport to Dr. Brent Bauer at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, every day more and more doctors are seeing the benefits that massage therapy can provide for their patients. But because of the high cost of massage therapy and the high number of sessions needed, getting massage therapy on a daily basis proves to be too expensive for most people's budgets.That's what we want to bring to customers to making Medical massage chair. Morningstar is a revolution in massage therapy technology. It is the first chair medically engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body and help you fall asleep.

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