FJ-8400 The King of Medical Massage Chair

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The FJ-8400 is the King of Modern Medical Massage chairs and it holds the place as one of our best-selling and hottest models. Complete with top-of-line features including 8 different automatic presets and an L-Track system that massages down to the glutes, this Chair has been built with your comfort in mind. Additionally, its compact shape makes it easy to store and fit within any location in one's home.

Key Features:

- 8 Preset Automatic Functions

- Complete L-Track Massage System

- Full-Body Scan Technology

- Zero-Gravity Position

- Removable Backrest and Seat Cushions

- Heat On/Off Thermotherapy

- Dynamic Squeeze with 42 Air Bags

- Easy-to-use Remote Control



Easy-to-use Controls

Using our new FJ-8400 Massage Chair is easier than ever! With the touch of a finger, you can navigate through the auto preset functions, adjust seat or leg position, and toggle heat On/Off.


Complete L-Track Massage

The L-Track system extends from the base of your neck, down to your glutes in order to maximize the scope of its massage.

Full-Body Scan Technology

Sensors will scan your body and adjust the rollers to fit in the most optimized position in order to provide you the perfect massage. It will also automatically adjust the height and width of the seat to fit your body. The Chair is capable of focusing on problem areas of the body like the neck, shoulder, and lumbar regions customizing and enhancing the massage experience.



Reclining in the zero-gravity position allows the individual to experience a sensation as if one is sitting on puffy clouds.

Removable Backrest & Seat Cushions

If the massage feels too intense for you, included are removable cushions that allows you to further adjust the intensity of the massage.

Heat Thermotherapy

The user is able to have the option of turning on the heat to experience an even more pleasant experience.


Dynamic Squeeze

There are 42 Air Bags located from head to toe encompassing just about every feature of your body. These air bags are able to deflate/inflate to improve circulation throughout your body. The intensity of the squeeze is adjustable and you will have the option whether to target a specific area or to have a combination of various areas.


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