About Us

Dr. Dr.Fuji is a successful multimillion-dollar international business in wholesale and retailing under the Dr. Dr.Fuji - Dr.Fuji brand. They produce medical chiropractic massage chairs and health and wellness equipment, which are endorsed by medical doctors and professional athletes. All Dr. Dr.Fuji's massage chairs are designed and developed in Japan. In the past 3 months, there has been a surge in market demand for their products.

About the owners

Dr. Dr.Fuji has been in this business for 20 years. He is not only trained in eastern medicine and as a surgeon in the far east, but also a certified medical doctor in overseas. His partner Wendy Lin excels in business operation.

About their name branded and trademarked products

The following are their main product lines:

1. Various models of medical chiropractic massage chairs, including their brand new, exclusive state-of-the-art Dr.Fuji EC-9800 model. This state-of-the-art massage chair utilizes the techniques of professional massage masters, just like 12 massage masters and 24 massage hands for a simultaneous full-body massage. The Dr.Fuji EC-9800 is based on Al (Artificial Intelligence) and GPS body scan system, to tailor fit to one’s body and create 3D and 4D movements. There are as many as 724 kinds of complex intelligent procedures and the massage ball stretches to ensure full-body relaxation and eliminate rigid deep muscles. It also stimulates hard lumps of lactic acid, promotes blood circulation, eliminates muscle soreness, relieves stress, relieves fatigue, relaxes, and improves sleep, and has an auxiliary recovery effect for chronic illnesses.

2. Various DMS (Professional Deep Muscle Stimulators) have been popular among professional athletes.

3. Various Body Slimmers are popular for the gym and home use. Among these, The FJ-700 model has a very wide distribution channel, including various gyms, Amazon, and Walmart, etc.

About their channels of distribution

They have multiple channels of distribution, with many wholesale accounts, their 2 retail stores and several showrooms, in addition to their direct sale to consumers through their eCommerce sites.

About their UPS (Unique Selling Proposition) and competition

Dr. Dr.Fuji is the godfather and king of the massage chair industry. He is the first one to have brought massage chairs into the US market 20 years ago. It took him several years to establish and grow the US massage chair market and industry. He has loyal customers and wholesalers who continue to buy his brand exclusively.

The brand easily beats the competition since Dr. Dr.Fuji Dr.Fuji's massage chairs are designed and developed in Japan. Its modern designs and superior quality and comfort are well known. In addition, the fact that Dr. Shen, aka Dr. Dr.Fuji himself, is an acupuncturist in the US, adds so much credibility and does not need to compromise the prices on the products.

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