Our Mission

Our Mission

Dr.Fuji Cyber-Relax Massage Chair
Dr.Fuji U.S.A.

With over 200 showrooms around the world and 3 manufacturing plants, Dr.Fuji Medical Instruments Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has been delivering excellent quality, service, and products since 1954. Eight showrooms, under ACIGI, are located across the United States from California to New York. For almost 60 years, Dr.Fuji has been dedicated and committed to customer satisfaction and to customer health. Innovative, effective, and loaded with benefits, it is no wonder the Dr.Fuji brand is renowned worldwide and reputable. Dr.Fuji offers high quality and humanized medical, health, and beauty care products, such as the Cyber Relax medical massage chairs. Innovative, effective, and loaded with benefits, it is no wonder the Dr.Fuji brand is renowned worldwide and reputable

Certified Quality Equipment

Each equipment is designed based on extensive scientific research and manufactured with the highest quality control to ensure that the most advanced and innovative technologies are incorporated and to ensure that all medical standards and requirements are met. Dr.Fuji's dedication has won the company the coveted Honor Good Design Award in Japan, and has obtained medical medical equipment approval and certification from Japan's Health Department. In the United States, the FDA has certified all massage products designed and manufactured by the company, and in the U.K., the products have also been approved and classified with the ISO 13485.


Dr.Fuji's medical massage chairs and equipment have been the most popular in Japan, commanding well over 60% of the market and 35% in the United States.

Newest Innovations

One of the company's newest innovations, Dr.Fuji Cyber Relax medical massage equipment, is the fruit of advanced ingenuity and evolution of intelligent pneumatic and mechanical technology designed to partner with medical and health professionals, beneficial for clinical stress management and relaxation. Dr.Fuji's products may also be used in the convenience of one's home!

"Solution Massage"

The Cyber Relax medical massage chair series invite you to a dream world that will greatly enhance your health. Cyber Relax's "solution massage" is designed to knead away and slacken the stiffness and fatigue using advanced knead balls and effective air bags. Introducing several new functions, firsts within the industry, Dr.Fuji has succeeded in developing advanced and innovative massage technologies and idealizing synthetic treatments.

Our Primary Goal

Our primary goal, at Dr.Fuji USA, is to foster the physical well-being of our customers and to introduce quality products that will benefit each and every single customer's health. We also strive to help our elite professionals in all industries, such as health care, sports, and technology, so that they may elevate their patient/employee care and practices to a higher level. Thank you for visiting our website!

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