Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

DrFUJI/ACIGI CO. is a founder DRFUJI as a former orthopetic surgen in Asia over 30 years medical education and practice used his medical background and medical knowledge build up health equipment company that helps businesses and individuals obtain one of the greatest gifts of all: good health. Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation combined with measurable benefits will create tremendous advantages for both the employer and the employee.

Through your search for the best massage products, you will come to discover the reasons why the population favors DRFUJI/ACIGI CO. high end luxury medical massage chairs.

A Combination of Innovative Features and Unsurpassed Execution

When searching for a massage chair, people look towards a better-quality and experience in the art of combining therapeutic massage with technology. With each massage chair, you can often expect an ingenious new feature, such as our latest model FJ-8500 that features the new AI 4D massage system.

Other features include:

* The 4D Digital Navigating Scanner
* 2 Multi-direction Flexible Massage Rollers
* Foot Stretching Massage
* Air Pressure Massage
* Self-scanning Feature
* Error Diagnostic Feature

And many more...

Our massage chairs are lightweight, designed to consume as little power as possible. Carefully crafted with PU massage chair material, our chairs give you maximum comfort as the backrest hugs your body. With an endless amount of massage customization underneath the touch of your fingertips, we guarantee that our systems will produce the best massage experience, loosening your muscles and relieving that daily stress.

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