FJ-010 Dr Fuji Leg Beautification, Foot Massager Adjustable intensity

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Enjoy a relaxing air pressure massage with Dr. Fuji FJ-010 Leg Beautician. It not only relieves soreness, but also stimulates blood circulation, thus, promoting better health.The rollers stimulate the vital reflex points on the soles of the feet and acupressure points on the calves, achieving therapeutic reflexology benefits while penetrating deeply into the different layers of muscles which leaves your feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

* Stimulate blood circulation.
* Soothes, relieves and energies sore and wearing feet and calves.
* Relieves tension and reduces stress.
* Helps muscles recover from tension and fatigue more quickly after exercise by reducing lactic acid build.
* With a distinctive soft touch, the knead disc caress like the trained hands of a masseuse.
* Applying variable pressure, the air massage creates a soothing snug sensation.
* Adjustable intensity gently kneads away fatigue, improves your circulation and eliminates toxins.
* Deep compressive massage relieves you from muscle ache and restores agility to leave you positively relaxed and rejuvenated.
* Dual-directional rollers with protruding knuckles to achieve an authentic reflexology effect.
* Kneading discs.
* A wide selection of 6 roller speeds for varying intensity.
* 2 heat settings to suit the user's preference.
* Dimensions: 22"L x 18"H x 20"W.

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